Burpol Polimer was established in 2014 by adopting environmental awareness and zero waste policy as a principle. It first started its activities with the recovery of industrial production wastes. In 2015, it moved to a 2000 m² closed area and started to produce compounds from recyclable plastic wastes and established its own polymer laboratory.

Burpol Polimer transforms the plastic waste it supplies into high performance recycle raw materials with its superior technology. The use of raw materials produced from 100% recycled waste in the visual parts of automobiles, including OEM and sub-industry, is a result and success of production precision.

Today, Burpol Polimer is a know-how company that continues its production in an indoor area of 8000 m², with 4 production lines and an annual installed capacity of 18000 tons. By adding value to plastic waste, it fulfills its responsibilities towards its country and nature in the best way.

With its constantly developing and renewed laboratory equipment and R&D department, it continues its innovation-based projects rapidly and adds new recycle projects to its body day by day.