Burpol, which produces high-performance recycle plastic raw material solutions that will meet the expectations of our customers, has adopted the principle of "Focusing on Quality".

In order to survive, Burpol company works with the understanding of managing its management strategies according to targets and continuous improvement. Our main objectives have been determined as follows;

  • To implement the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
  • To comply with customer demands and legal requirements,
  • To ensure price and competition by preventing unnecessary resource consumption.
  • To follow occupational health and environmental effects by giving importance to occupational safety.
  • To keep our production facility in continuous operation.
  • To give importance to education in order to improve human resources.
  • To carry out continuous improvement and productivity increase studies.

In order to implement these targets, Burpol continues its work by prioritizing ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and Customer Special requests.