• Proceeding with a human resources policy that places people at the center as an important value,
  • To invest in our human resources by targeting continuous development in line with the strategies and objectives of Burpol company.
  • To create equal opportunities within the company for all employees.
  • To continuously increase employee satisfaction.
  • To provide a working environment where reliability, trust and ethical values are promoted as well as a healthy work-life balance.
  • Maximizing employee productivity through individual career planning and support.
  • To prepare and implement training programs for our employees.
  • To continue to improve our performance management system in line with company targets.
  • To determine the qualifications of the personnel suitable for their duties and qualifications and to perform the assignment procedures.
  • To inform the personnel in a timely manner on matters concerning the personnel.
  • To constantly review, update and improve the human resources policy.
  • To make continuous education an indispensable policy to support the work and private life of employees, to see training and development as an investment in human resources,
  • To create a fair, open and transparent organization that respects personnel personality,
  • Strengthening the trademark image of BURPOL in and out of the organization.
  • To work on integrating corporate sustainability criteria into the performance criteria of all employees.
  • Due to the importance we attach to the health and safety of our employees, to follow the occupational health and safety studies meticulously, to create and maintain a safe and peaceful working environment, and to receive the necessary training in this direction.
  • To respect the human dignity of the employees, to trust them, to appreciate them and to share the success.
  • For a sustainable future; We fulfill all our responsibilities, especially the health and safety of our employees.