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Burpol was founded in 2014.Then the company started rccycle proceeding from industrial product wastage in 2014. As a producer of high quality polypropylene compounds and a pioneer in the introduction of recycled polypropylene in the automobile market where our compounds will approved by carmakers since 2015 our products are also used in fields such as building and civil industry, horticulture, packaging or industrial equipment at 2000 m² square closed are. The company markets it’s engineering products under trade marked brands such as; Burpolen for Polypropylene. Burpol, a subsidiary of the group, is specialized in the recovery of end of life chredded battery cases, caps and bumpers, as well as post consumption and post production scrap. Burpol Plastic, products recycled polypropylene raw materials by having TDS and depends on these values.
In today’s competitive, warp-speed global economy, your success depends on beğin first to market with innovative, value-creating materials and services. That is why at Burpol, our focus is on helping you solve your most demanding application and business needs. When you work with Burpol you have accees to specialized recycle polymer materials expertise, tailored services and en to end solutions that help you meet your objectives. Innovation for Your Industry Burpol solutions are designed to help your business achieve profit and growth with innovative products, enter new markets, expand globally and much more. In this high stakes environment, you can rely on Burpol.